My name is Jordan, but everyone knows me as Frantic. I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since 2009.  I joined the world of Standard when Zendikar was released but left once New Phyrexia had ended.  When Theros was released I rejoined Standard and haven’t left.  I also joined Modern not too long ago using my cards from my time in Zendikar/Scars Standard.  My favorite formats are Modern, Standard, and EDH and my goal is to tell you all about the awesome things you can do in those formats and other formats.  I hope you enjoy your stay!
My name is Luke Perkins. I am a recent graduate from Ohio State. I got married in the beginning of August, 2015 and I have the best cat in the world and a wife that is allergic to animal hair. I began playing Magic when Odyssey was on the shelves and have never seriously discarded the game since. There was a small fallout during Kamigawa/Ravnica blocks where I failed to add cards from those blocks to my ever expanding collection. I prefer playing mono red, Izzet, Jund and Temur while splashing in classic W/U control variants and dragons to round out my choice of what to pilot across formats.